Just a Little Introduction – WHO AM I?

I moved to Tampa (“The Sun Coast”) in 1998, after living in Denver for some 30 years. I moved here based on a wonderful job offer, and the fact that my elderly parents lived about an hour away. Although I had been apolitical for my entire life, I always seemed to vote Republican, as did my parents.

That position went well until the ‘internet bubble crash’ of 2000-2001, my company RAPIDLY contracted from 550 people to about 60 people – leaving me on the outside.

Information System jobs were not to be had, and I eventually took a Technical Sales position at Circuit City. They, too, experienced hard times within a couple years, I was once again looking. I took on a Floor Sales position at my local Home Depot, where I worked until an old back and neck injury forced me into early retirement in 2007, and continue to enjoy retirement.

I remained true to the Republican party in 2008, but took no active part in any campaigning.

VERY soon after Obama was elected, I became extremely interested in Politics, at all levels. I sensed that our President was untruthful and leaned further and further toward the radical right. Being a true patriot and Christian, I started to fear for America, and started educating myself on Politics throughout the world, with heavy emphasis on our wonderful America.

I have formed many opinions, based on reliable sources, what I believe to be factual information, and pure observation. I am convinced that America is headed down a path of destruction, as I witness the Constitution being ignored, the Bill of Rights consistently stepped on, and the growing barriers and infighting of the political parties in Washington.

I am also greatly concerned about the apathy being displayed by such a large portion of the population, and the vast numbers of citizens (of ALL cultural, social, and economic levels) who remain uninformed about the problems America now faces.

Needless to say, I am, and shall remain, a committed Republican. I will do all in my power to ‘get out the vote’ in 2012, and to make as many people as I can of the dangers of creeping socialism.


About Wm Brian Maday

I am am patriotic Republican Activist, residing in Hillsborough County, Florida. I am a 'young' retiree, and will be working hard with any and all Conservatives Nationwide to preserve the United States Constitution and Bill of Rights. I invite and encourage any and all comments to this blog; open and honest dialogue will be my thrust. My GOAL is to return America to Conservativism in 2012, and beyond. PLEASE HELP! Thank you. ~ Wm. Brian Maday

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  1. Roger Meldrum

    I have been following politics very closely since the Carter dyas when I thought where the hell is our country headed !

  2. Roger Meldrum

    Brian, these are a lot of questions I have been asking my pleftist friends. They have no answers except to say I am racist anda hate monger! Have discarded most of them!

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