Are you early voting in Florida? Remember the Amendments and the Judges on your ballot, and VOTE, don’t just skip over them, because you “don’t know”. Everyone has an opinion.

If you vote on Election day, as a good American, the same rules apply – be well-informed, and KNOW how you intend to vote. I recommend taking a “Filled Out” ballot copy with you when you vote in person. I certainly will. Believe me, you will feel a LOT more comfortable.

IF ANYONE APPROACHES YOU AS YOU GO TO VOTE, IGNORE THEM AND KEEP WALKING. DO NOT ACCEPT ANY FLYERS OR PRINTED MATERIAL. If they “suggest” you vote a certain way, simply nod your head and keep going – and REPORT THEM TO AN OFFICIAL once you get inside the Controlled Voting Area! inside the actual voting area!

Here’s mine, after some deep research.


READ THROUGH THIS, PLEASE. you should Vote NO on all the Constitutional Amendments AND all the Judges.

The Florida Constitution has a purpose, but it is being manipulated by many different groups [on both sides] with an agenda. [This has been going on for years-FYI]. Think of it this way. If the “law” can’t get enough support to pass thru the legislature and be signed by the Governor, then a political group can just raise money, get a few petitions signed and it goes on the ballot. This was NOT the purpose of the Constitution of the State of Florida!

Don’t get me wrong, There are proposed amendments that I like/don’t disagree with. One of them gives a homestead tax break to our vets, BUT this is the WRONG WAY to enact laws, on single item issues. Remember the legislature could not agree on these “laws” with x-thousand number of pages of rules, exemptions and standards, so after a few years, political groups pushed the issue, expecting you to approve an Amendment to our Florida Constitution based on a 60-75 word “law”. It is STUPID ! This is how we got an Amendment that says farmers must not be mean to baby piggies!

ANY ballot initiative that needs TV commercials and yard signs promoting it, is BAD LAW. That is the tip-off that the promoters [ie:lobbiest] could NOT get it thru the legislature and so they are trying to circumvent the system and trick the voters. THEY know, what voters rarely know; only another Constitutional Amendment can change a prior amendment. The single item 75 word “law” is nearly impossible to change, since rarely are true citizen groups SO outraged, that it will be changed. Legislatures come and go, but Amendments are “permanent”.

It’s time to “teach” the system a lesson. VOTE NO on all of the amendments. 

Now, to judicial retention. The 3 Judges on the ballot are in the unfortunate position of having all the MOST activist Florida Supreme Court Judges up for “retention” in the same cycle. It makes my job easier. VOTE NO on ALL of them. Again, “the system” needs to learn that it is accountable. There are plenty of places to read the details of “why”, but Judges FOLLOW the LAWS in place. They should NOT be creating Law from the bench. Simple…

I encourage you to do all the research you can. Using the brain is excellent exercise to prepare to VOTE for YOUR GOVERNMENT!

My Opinion: VOTE NO on all the Amendments and ALL the Judges. VOTE REPUBLICAN!


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