My crystal ball is showing me a slowdown in the Leftist GUN GRAB
operations – any reasons to worry are less and less on a daily basis.
Yes, they WILL continue to SET UP MASS MURDERS from time to time,
just to keep the masses “aware” that they still need to BAN FIREARMS,
but working carefully so as to ‘ease’ their way around the 2nd Amendment.
But they no longer need to worry about getting it done quickly. Why?
If you do not have a good stock of Ammunition on hand, I suggest that
you try to purchase some ASAP – chances are very good that you will
find most sources OUT OF STOCK or ON BACKORDER for any of the more
popular ammo. I don’t expect this situation to change at all – GOVERNMENT
has ordered HUGE AMOUNTS OF AMMO, and by law, they get it before ANY
is shipped to normal civilian channels, distributors or sellers.
To add to this problem, those who RELOAD their own ammo… seems
that the supplies you need to do this are also becoming scarce – QUICKLY.
This includes primers and gunpowder as well as equipment.
Even our local Law Enforcement Agencies are finding it harder to come by,
although they ARE able to obtain supplies. Large Distributors are ordering
all kinds of ammo from overseas, but supplies are becoming strained up rapidly.
Many pistols make fair hammers. Semi-automatics can also be used, but
since most use plastic or sheet metal magazines, they can be thrown at
any possible enemy. As for solid-stock ‘long guns’, they will make pretty
good Clubs. Military style long guns, because of their light weight and
slide-in ‘stocks’, they will have limited use to block attackers with knives,
swords, clubs, and bayonets. As an addendum, Machetes are still available
from many “Surplus Stores”, so you might still provide yourself with a
minimal for of self-defense.
AMERICA – it’s been great. GOD BLESS US ALL.
NOTE: If ANYONE finds a good ammunition supplier, please let me know.
FINAL NOTE: This is not humor. It is true. I wish you the best of luck.

About Wm Brian Maday

I am am patriotic Republican Activist, residing in Hillsborough County, Florida. I am a 'young' retiree, and will be working hard with any and all Conservatives Nationwide to preserve the United States Constitution and Bill of Rights. I invite and encourage any and all comments to this blog; open and honest dialogue will be my thrust. My GOAL is to return America to Conservativism in 2012, and beyond. PLEASE HELP! Thank you. ~ Wm. Brian Maday

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