No Longer SAFE in AMERICA!

NOBODY can ‘sneak into’ Australia by boat. They are Very Firm on this… I’m fairly certain that they do a Great Job of checking all people who enter their skies and Airport Passengers upon arrival.

Like America, they have SOVEREIGN BORDERS and they strongly enforce their Laws. So the question is: Why does America not protect all of ITS Borders – especially the VERY SOFT Borders adjacent to OUR STATES? Estimates of up to a MILLION “foreigners” enter the U.S.A. YEARLY! And our Government allows, and almost Encourages this as they spread throughout almost all of our States?

We have SOVEREIGN BORDERS as well – so WHY is it so tremendously “POROUS” to (especially) to almost anyone who enters from South America? Executive Orders b. Hussein Obama actually Encourage these Illegal Aliens, a provide them Rights and Privileges that Native Born American Citizens cannot even get!

Are YOU American? Do you need a decent JOB? Might as well forget it… Following our Own Laws should NOT be so amazingly difficult. And Please do not forget that all of these “Illegal South American Immigrants” could be from ANY country in the World – which includes countries that we are (STILL) at War with! Consider TERRORISTS / ISIS / ISIL. And even those from “Friendlier” countries who try to get our “Secrets & Innovations” – even China, Russia, Japan… and others.



About Wm Brian Maday

I am am patriotic Republican Activist, residing in Hillsborough County, Florida. I am a 'young' retiree, and will be working hard with any and all Conservatives Nationwide to preserve the United States Constitution and Bill of Rights. I invite and encourage any and all comments to this blog; open and honest dialogue will be my thrust. My GOAL is to return America to Conservativism in 2012, and beyond. PLEASE HELP! Thank you. ~ Wm. Brian Maday

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