I moved to Tampa (“The Sun Coast”) in 1998, after living in Denver for some 30 years. I moved here based on a wonderful job offer, and the fact that my elderly parents lived about an hour away. Although I had been apolitical for my entire life, I always seemed to vote Republican, as did my parents.

That position went well until the ‘internet bubble crash’ of 2000-2001, my company RAPIDLY contracted from 550 people to about 60 people – leaving me on the outside.

Information System jobs were not to be had, and I eventually took a Technical Sales position at Circuit City. They, too, experienced hard times within a couple years, I was once again looking. I took on a Floor Sales position at my local Home Depot, where I worked until an old back and neck injury forced me into early retirement in 2007, and continue to enjoy retirement.

I remained true to the Republican party in 2008, but took no active part in any campaigning.

VERY soon after Obama was elected, I became extremely interested in Politics, at all levels. I sensed that our President was untruthful and leaned further and further toward the radical right. Being a true patriot and Christian, I started to fear for America, and started educating myself on Politics throughout the world, with heavy emphasis on our wonderful America.

I have formed many opinions, based on reliable sources, what I believe to be factual information, and pure observation. I am convinced that America is headed down a path of destruction, as I witness the Constitution being ignored, the Bill of Rights consistently stepped on, and the growing barriers and infighting of the political parties in Washington.

I am also greatly concerned about the apathy being displayed by such a large portion of the population, and the vast numbers of citizens (of ALL cultural, social, and economic levels) who remain uninformed about the problems America now faces.

Needless to say, I am, and shall remain, a committed Republican. I will do all in my power to ‘get out the vote’ in 2012, and to make as many people as I can of the dangers of creeping socialism.

You can find me almost anytime on FaceBook – just search “brian maday” – I have lots of conservative friends, and LOTS to talk about!


  1. Brian,
    I received information about your site from Tom Schade. I like your Blog and it agrees with my way of seeing the world. Unfortunatly so many peole have been dumbed down by our public education system they don not understand how the US got where it is and what it takes to stay #1.

    I now live in Belgium 80% of the time and Orlando 20%. We sure mhad fun on Silver Lake. I have a 1955 Chris on Lake Dora. Does your mom live in Mt. Dora? I seen to recall running into her name a couple of years ago.

    Best Regards,

    John Grinder
    Antwerp Belgium

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