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JOHN KERRY – Secretary of Stupid on ISLAM

Written by Audrey Russo on October 19, 2014
We’d like to think our leaders are concerned about those they are supposed to be serving. Concerned about our well-being and doing everything in their power to protect us from enemies foreign and domestic.

Nowadays…not so much.

Take, for example, the male occupying the office of Secretary of State, John Kerry. Here’s a partial list of his duties:
— Serves as the President’s principal adviser on U.S. foreign policy;
— Conducts negotiations relating to U.S. foreign affairs;
— Grants and issues passports to American citizens and exequaturs to foreign consuls in the United States;
— Advises the President on the appointment of U.S. ambassadors, ministers, consuls, and other diplomatic representatives;
— Advises the President regarding the acceptance, recall, and dismissal of the representatives of foreign governments;

Holding such an essential position in our Republic, you would generally assume he would know who our enemies actually are, right?

Nowadays…not so much.

One of the major enemies of freedom is the ideology of Islam. Its precepts and practices all stand in opposition to individual freedom. Here’s Kerry on the ideology of Islam:

In September 2014…
“I want to take advantage of this podium and of this moment to underscore as powerfully as I know how, that the face of Islam is not the butchers who killed Steven Sotloff. That’s ISIL.”

“The real face of Islam is a peaceful religion based on the dignity of all human beings… Muslim communities are advocating for universal human rights and fundamental freedoms, including the most basic freedom to practice one’s faith openly and freely…”

In October 2014…
“There’s nothing Islamic about what ISIL/Daesh stands for, or is doing to people.”

Now be it far from me to tell a Secretary of State (whom I pay with my hard-earned tax dollars) that he’s wrong…but HE IS!

There’s way too much stupid here to handle in a brief article, but since our security is too critical to ignore this, I’ll truncate it…

Apparently the husband of the Ketchup Queen has been snorting the merchandise. There is not ONE shred of evidence given for Kerry’s claims, nor does it line up with the Quran or the Hadiths.
— There are 164 Jihad verses that call Muslims to war with nonbelievers for the sake of Islam.
— Based upon various legit polls, more than half the world’s population of Muslims are radicalized (a core will commit the acts, the rest show support verbally and fiscally).
— Human Rights, my Aunt Fanny! Human Rights are as Islam dictates:
** Islam promotes Slavery & Sex Slavery
** Islam forbids Freedom of Expression
** Islam forbids Freedom to Leave Islam (Apostasy)
** Islam forbids Religious Freedom

The list of evidence to refute everything Kerry has said about Islam, is enormous. But hey, he’s too busy at his plastic surgeon’s office with all the Botox and facial fillers (women get), to be bothered with trivial things like facts that might save the lives of innocent Americans and other infidels in the West.

The least we can expect from those whom we allow to hold the prestigious positions of leading the Free World, is being educated on things that THREATEN freedom and Human Rights.

Because remaining stupid on Islam is too dangerous to tolerate.


Communism, Revisited

I remember so well the “surprise” that Castro was a Communist, when all we heard before he took power was, “Oh, those terrible Batistas, we have to help the Cuban people get rid of them.” Well, that was “Hope and Change,” 1960’s-style.

Castro simply applied the playbook the Boslheviks, written in 1917 about how to convert a whole country to Communism. (Ayn Rand lived through it, then came here and wrote about it: We the Living, Atlas Shrugged, etc.). I reread all her works recently and was struck by the echoes of the Russian Revolution – not only in what happened in Germany in the 1930’s and in Cuba beginning in 1960 – but also what is happening right here in the United States, right now. It seems we are incapable of learning from history — is it some kind of generational forgetfulness?

Obama / Soros, and group are plunging the U.S.A. into Statism-Communism. I hope there are enough real Americans to be able to beat it back, before it’s too late.

I remember asking dad about Castro when I was about 11 years old.

I asked, “Is Castro a good guy or a bad guy?”

Dad said he couldn’t tell! This was about 1955, and  it was in the news a lot. The Cubans were asking the same question. ‘Ike’ Eisenhauer was President.

This past July, we had the pleasure of sharing a summer cook-out with a refugee from Cuba. Our dinner conversation was starkly different than most.

This refugee came to the United States as a young boy in the early 1960’s. His family was more fortunate than most, as they were able to bring a suitcase and $100 when they fled Castro’s newly formed revolutionary paradise.

Our dinner consisted of standard-American fare; hamburgers, hot dogs, potato salad, watermelon and fresh ears of sweet corn. This is a menu shared with family and friends nationwide, while celebrating the birth of our beloved America on Independence Day.

We began with a simple discussion about our country and the direction

it has taken since Barack Obama came to power. We shared the usual complaints about the sour Economy and Liberal Social Engineering emanating from our elected officials in Washington.

But then he said it… the sentence came naturally. I assumed it was unplanned, but it carried the weight of a freight train.

“You know when Castro took power, none of us knew he was a  Communist.”

We sat stunned. He continued, “Yes, we all thought he was a Patriot, a Nationalist. Before the revolution he didn’t sound like a radical.” The comparison at this point was easy, and I interjected, “You mean just like Barack Obama?”

He responded; “Yes, just like Barack Obama.” He continued, “We were all shocked as the government just continued to grab more power. First they said the revolution is over, so please turn in your guns.  We all complied. I remember my uncle saying after it started; ‘Castro will only nationalize some of the big industries, he will never come and take our family hardware store.’ ”

But that is exactly what happened. Castro started with the sugar mills and the large industries, but they eventually came and knocked on the door of our family hardware store. My family had run this store for generations.

They said, “We now own the hardware store, you work for us. And that nice, large four-bedroom home you own, it is now our property also, and you can move yourself and five children into two rooms of the house because others are moving in with you.”

The lesson learned from this discussion is a lesson most Americans refuse to hear. Political leaders can lie about their agenda, and once in office they can take totally unexpected turns. If you had asked us three years ago if we thought General Motors would be ‘nationalized’, we would have never believed it. We could never contemplate a country where the Rule of Law, the most fundamental building block of a justice and free society would be   evaporating, just like it did in Castro’s Cuba in the early 1960’s.

But the news of injustice keeps increasing. Black Panthers are not charged with wrongdoing by the U.S. Department of Justice because their crimes are against whites. The bondholders of GM are stripped of their assets without due process by the government. Governmental leaders are bribed in full daylight only to have all criminal investigations blocked by our Attorney General, Eric Holder. The Southern U.S. borders are overrun with crime and illegal activity and the leaders in D.C. move to protect the law breakers, while the innocent are killed and overrun.

When local communities (and even States, e.g., Arizona) attempt to enforce the law, they are ridiculed and threatened as extremists, racists and bigots. Then, they are sued by the very Administration entrusted with enforcing existing Federal law!

Without the Rule of Law, the U.S. Constitution and its Amendments are a sham. Without the Rule of Law, our beloved America is swiftly becoming a country where only the well-connected and politically powerful will be safe.

As Michelle Malkin has so eloquently explained in her recent book, Culture of Corruption: Obama and His Team of Tax Cheats, Crooks, and Cronies, a culture of corruption has replaced honest government. The only way this problem will be fixed is by massive citizen action. All honest citizens that want to be treated equally must come together and demand that the favoritism, the bribes, the uneven enforcement of law end now. And yes, it can happen here.

Six million plus Jews didn’t believe it would happen in Germany either. If you’re Judeo / Christian in these United States of America, you are next on the list. The real problem here is the boy from Cuba did manage to make it to America. We will not have any place to escape to except death – or major revolution and possible overthrow of our existing Government.

                              ~ GOD BLESS AMERICA ~