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Tea Party v Protesters

By now, it’s quite clear that the “Occupy Wall Street” movement is On the Move and spreading across the nation and the planet! Not that Europe wasn’t already poised for more demonstrations and just waiting for another reason to kick them into gear. After all, Europe is on the verge of collapse because of the socialist policies they have been practicing for years that have their economies bankrupt. But never mind that.

I’m remembering back in 2009, when there were numerous large and loud “Tea Party” marches, some of which were prior to the name even being coined. I’m also remembering when my daughter (a forty something) and I had a conversation in early 2010.  This was just after I had awakened, along with thousands of others, and went from being apolitical to very politically aware. It was quite strange, even to me, that could happen. Me waking up in the morning and wanting to know what was going on politically was so foreign because up to that point, I could care less. It was as if a switch flipped in me that went from off to full throttle. That full throttle switch is still ON two years later.

The sea of faces that represent the “Tea Party” are dominated by mature and often senior countenances. If they occupy a park, they leave it in pristine condition and the smells of maryjane aren’t wafting through the air of their discontent. These older Americans have had children of their own (even their children have had children, which are the majority of the faces we see in the “Occupy Wall Street” movement). These grandparents have worked hard all of their lives to amass what retirement “wealth” they have and hope to be able to pass a bit on to their children and grandchildren (which they see themselves losing as the economic crisis continues). They have fought in wars and seen numerous political administrations come and go from Eisenhower to Obama. But above all, these grandparents love and respect their country and the Constitution of their county. They believe in American Exceptionalism and the American Way, which embodies a strong belief in Freedom, Equality, Self-reliance, Trust in God and Capitalism.

We all still share a belief in Freedom; and I’m hearing and connecting with the cry for ‘freedom; among the “Occupy Wall Street” youngsters. But we’re pretty divided around the subject of Equality. The original intention of American Equality is all about equal opportunity not social justice in which money is taken from one group to benefit another. But we’ve never been so divided by any subject than we are about the subject of Capitalism. Who would have thought that Capitalism could have become an issue of contention in the US? And since when did Capitalism become a dirty word?

The life-experienced “Tea Party” people also understand that a few U.S. Corporations have gotten way too powerful and are “in bed”, real cozy like, with Government. The FDA is a prime example of this revolving door system where Corporate cronies go from their corporations directly into governmental agencies and then create laws that favor their companies. Michael Taylor, “the golden boy of Monsanto”, was hired to be the second man in command at the FDA, for goodness sake (actually for Monsanto’s sake). A top man from Monsanto is our “Food Safety Czar”! That’s appalling; but it doesn’t mean we throw the baby out with the bath water and scrap Capitalism. Yes, Wall Street has been playing loose with OPM (Other People’s Money) and turned the Stock Market into a vast, unregulated casino; but that’s as much the fault of government (the SEC) as Wall Street itself. So aspects of capitalism have been misused; but the vast majority of our Capitalistic system works beautifully and has been working beautifully since the inception of our country, which, by the way, is at the top of the list of successful economies (just in case you haven’t noticed).

Now, back to what’s happening in America right now…

By early 2010, because the group voice of the “Tea Party” was about restoring our Constitutional Rights and reducing the power of Government, it was seen as alien to the Liberal Progressive Movement, which is about the opposite– Redistribution of Wealth (taking from the more well-off and giving to the poor), Socialized Medicine and more government regulations to do these things.

You might have seen a segment called “Children of the Prairie” on 20-20. It was about the Sioux at Pine Ridge. They are a prime example of what happens to a once strong people who are now being “taken care of” by the government. They no longer have self- respect, dignity or self-reliance. There are no businesses (no capitalism) on the reservation. The people depend on the government for everything including their food and their housing. When a young Sioux boy was asked what he wanted most, he said he wanted a mall to be able to go to that would also provide jobs for his people. The big deal at Pine Ridge right now is the one SUBWAY restaurant that opened last year. The people in this tribe are dealing with run-away diabetes (thanks to Government food), run-away drug and alcohol abuse and staggering numbers of suicides. That’s what happens when a once-proud and totally self-reliant people become wards of the Government.

Right now in America, there is a more subtle movement happening. It’s quiet and serious; and it’s not populated by the grandkids. It’s called the Preppers Movement. Over 4 million people are preparing for economic and/or natural disasters. These are mature people who see the writing on the wall and believe America is about to enter an economic collapse beyond anything we’ve experienced before. If that happens, the already economically bankrupt government will NOT be taking care of the people. The Government will be in a struggle to survive. Preppers are about becoming completely self-reliant (opposite of being on welfare).

They want to be self-reliant in the two most important areas–food and energy. Many Preppers are grandparents who are prepping in order to be able to save their grandchildren (including the me-generation that’s out blasting capitalism in the streets). Basically, that’s what “Food Forever™” Growing Systems are all about. Helping people accomplish the first goal–becoming food independent.

The Liberal Progressive Movement is socialist by its very nature; and socialism is anathema to these “Tea Party” grandparents, who were raised to understand the dangers to our Freedom of Government run socialism and communism. At the expense of being very simplistic, let me say socialists and communists believe that government can create an equal playing field where everyone lives in Utopia. So far, it hasn’t worked anywhere in the world. What ends up being created is a dictatorial nightmare in which the people are subjugated to the Government – talk about “The 1%”!

What can work is already happening naturally. There are CSR Corps (Corporate Social Responsibility) companies springing up everywhere. In January of 2012, a new “B” Corp will start up in California – a “B” Corp puts environmental and social responsibility before profits. These corporations aren’t coming out of Government. They are self-creating entities that lead government rather than follow governmental dictates. For example, in California there had to be enough entrepreneurs who wanted to form “B” Corps to get that initiative on the ballot and passed so “B” Corps could come into being in that state.

Back to grandparents and grandkids… Little did the “Tea Party” grandparents realize that a soft revolution has been taking place for years in our high schools, colleges and universities where liberal “Progressive” professors are spouting the party line of socialism to the students. And since the mainstream media exemplified by MSNBC, CBS, ABC, CBS and CNN is in love with our current “Progressive” President, there were very few stories about the “Tea Party” Movement of 2009. In fact, there wasn’t one picture of a “Tea Party” March in the 2009 Life Magazine recap. So in early 2010, when I had that conversation with my daughter, she had no idea there had been a massive march on Washington on September 12th, 2009. Quite the opposite is taking place in regard to the “Occupy Wall Street” movement. My daughter knows about it. My granddaughter knows about it. The world knows about it because the mainstream media (with its very liberal bias they pretend does not exist) wants us to know about it.

So what’s really happening? The Grandparents and their Grandchildren are being pitted against each other. Fox News and the mainstream media are at odds with one another. The Republicans and Democrats are grid-locked in Washington and the “Tea Party” and the “Occupy Wall Street” movements are coming from two opposite sides of the street. We’re seeing the inevitable result of 3D reality – a world of duality. Of course the left needed to have it’s street movement. It’s been predicted by many forecasters who know how this goes. Just yesterday, a couple of right-leaning commentators on Fox News commented about how “white” the “Occupy” gang is looking. So today, Al Sharpton has gotten involved and is rallying a crowd of black American faces into the mix to make sure no one accuses the “Occupy” marchers of being racist like the left incorrectly did (and still does) accuse the “Tea Party”. The “Occupy Wall Street” movement is the progressive left’s very well organized (and paid for) counter to the “Tea Party”.

George Soros, one of the richest people in the world, who has bragged about his ability to topple governments, is one of its hidden funders. In fact, the original call to ‘Occupy Wall Street’ came from the magazine, AdBusters, an ‘anti-consumerist’ publication financed by, among other sources, the Soros-funded Tides Foundation. Other Soros-backed outfits promoting big government – some with myriad ties to the Obama administration – are also now publicly driving the occupation campaign., for instance, has received millions of dollars from the billionaire banker. And now, the group is urging its supporters to join the “Occupy Wall Street” movement as well.”

The Union bosses are steering their workers into the fray and SEIU has also joined the movement. So the dominately young look will be getting some maturity (especially on the weekends) as these organizations move in. But in the end, it is plain to see that the “Occupy Wall Street” movement and the “Tea Party” are exact opposites.

Behind it all, are the ultimate controllers and string-pullers, like Soros, who wants “World Governance, a Global Currency and an orderly decline of the dollar”.

He is one of the uber-rich who really control the money, the power and the people. We all need to wake up and realize we are falling for the oldest ploy of all – Divide and Conquer. Don’t let that happen. The real controllers want to take down America so we will accept a World Government that they control from top to bottom – a world Government where there is no freedom of speech, no right to peacefully assemble and no right to vote. Then, how Free will we be?

This is not new – it is a well-documented program called AGENDA 21, and can be read about at many, many websites – I suggest you research it for yourself. It is truly frightening, and it is guaranteed – YOU WILL NOT LIKE IT!

We all need to see the good ideas being espoused by both of these generationally diverse groups shouting in the streets. Both sides have legitimate complaints. We need to get them together and create our new, strong, independent and FREE America from that consensus.